Operations Consulting

Rockwall Consulting provides Lean Manufacturing consulting services to improve your efficiency, and increase your productivity.

Key Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Reduce Manufacturing Time

Our skilled team will help you meet your production deadlines and accurately estimate your productive capacity.

Improve Product Quality

Rockwall Consulting believes that quality defects result from bad processes and not from bad people. We can help you reach your QA goals through process improvement and a focus on culture.

Increase Margins

Our team will help you keep more of what you sell. We can help you reduce costs associated with time, material, storage, labour, transportation, and rework.

How it Works

Lean Manufacturing: A Deeper Dive


Determine what value your products or services provide, or are expected to provide, to your customers.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Study the manufacturing process to determine which actions add value for the customer.


Create a smooth production flow throughout the production process. Reduce process bottlenecks and interruptions.

Heave Away!

Implement "pull" triggers throughout the production process to reduce overproduction and excess inventory.

How it Works



Culture starts from the top. Foster an environment of continuous improvement among company leadership first and among the factory staff second.

Total Productive Maintenance

Maximize the productive time for your assets through strategic configuration and predictive maintenance.

Visual Management

Use real-time data, reports, and charts to improve access to information and feedback on process improvements.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support to optimize and enhance your technology solutions.

Improve your efficiency

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